Book Review: Heart of Lies by M.L. Malcolm

Heart-of-LiesI’ve been sick with a virus the past week, which provided a good excuse to lay around and finish a fabulous read I’d like to recommend: Heart of Lies, by M.L. Malcolm. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and since I’m so hard to please these days, that’s as high a recommendation I can give. Go look for it.

Okay, you want more. Heart of Lies is a fast-paced saga that takes place from the 1920s through to the late 1930s, from Hungary to China to the U.S.A. It focuses on the life of one rare man and the woman he loves. It is one of those books that takes off and sweeps you with it. M. L. Malcolm is a brilliant writer, accomplished with words and just how to use them for effect. She doesn’t waste a one. She has created characters the reader can believe in and really care about, my first and foremost requirement in a good read. The author seems to know people well. The novel is at heart a beautiful love story. It is this love that propels the characters through their lives.

From the book cover: “An epic tale of intrigue, passion, and adventure, Heart of Lies heralds the arrival of a remarkable writer.”

I discovered the book on my own bookshelf. It is a signed copy. I don’t recall when I got it, but I’m sure glad I did not miss it. I think something a bit different about this book from so many published in the past ten years is the pervasive sense of honor, respect, and love that the characters struggle to maintain in the midst of life on earth torn up by war and evil all around. The hope is always present.

I’m thrilled to discover M. L. Malcolm’s writing.

Off now for a weekend of Christmas decorating. Enjoy yourselves, dear hearts!


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