Trust, and the Writing Follows

…or how it turns out from last week.

Trust the Process

I’ve been considering this word implementation since last weekend’s post and realized it isn’t a question of implementing or not, but what will I implement in any given moment. Am I going to implement going back to bed or getting up and going to the page? Am I going to indulge my elderly mother or myself and my writing need, my reading need, my puttering need? Am I going to implement trusting my process, or not? The choice is mine.

This week I’ve been thinking much on implementation of writing and happy living–my desires and needs. I’ve found that when thinking of my writing and happy living in this light, I’m being much more proactive. I’m choosing to go at my own pace and with what produces peace.

We all have our own processes–way more than one. I had to see that not only do I have a viable process, but I have quite a number of them. I operate best by jumping in–stepping out to find out what works, and to go with what my busy brain has already, almost without me realizing, been playing with. When one way doesn’t work, I go another way. Sometimes I think long, then jump in. Often I choose one by one all the ways that don’t work, in order to come to the way that pleases me most. I learn to look at it all as an adventure, not anything I have to do, other than to honor my natural curiosity.

Right in the midst of the chaos and demands of my particular life at Thanksgiving and now the full-on advent of the Christmas, I am coming to the page each morning to write. I write without the thought at this point of producing, although I do have a list of projects and am implementing one with more commitment than the others. I’m enjoying and learning what project to settle on and a new program (Scrivener, you must check it out) and mulling over how to schedule my days. In this way a schedule is presenting itself. My aim has been to make a stronger commitment to my writing life and writing business, and this is how it is emerging. Keep aiming and eventually you will hit the target.

The implementing comes back to the trusting the process.

Happy writing, and trusting your own process!




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