Endless Opportunities to Start Over

Don’t you love that phrase: “Endless opportunities to start over.” I stare at it, read it again.

I got those words from a post by fellow blogger and artist, PS MacMurray, who writes of this true fact in her recent post Gone Fishing. She says, “All it takes is a new choice and a fresh start.”

Honey, you can make a choice all day long, but it isn’t a choice until you do something with it. You must act on the choice.

So, I go downstairs and get the dog who is at the back door barking, barking, barking, and lead her up here to my office (because she won’t stop licking everyone), while I determinedly refuse to be distracted by all the other people and needs in my house, sit in the chair in front of my computer and open the new post page, breathe deeply and start typing.

I have been a writer for well over thirty years. Many of those years I wrote every day, 7 days a week, 6 to 8 hours a day. How have I gotten so off track these past years? That is a question I need to ponder.

Perhaps the bigger need is to make a few choices and act on them.

Choices are responsibilities. That is why they are so hard. I have to choose between one thing and another. I generally want it ALL.

But striving for everything, one ends up with nothing.

The fear of choosing what I want, or even knowing what I truly want above what I should want, is a deep conundrum. Therefore I remain paralyzed. No choice is making a choice; it is choosing to be stuck.

Yet–always there is the opportunity to make a fresh start. If I don’t like the choice I make, I can amend it by making another.

Never stop making fresh starts, even a hundred in one day.

Thank you, PS MacMurray. I make a choice to begin again.

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