Gleanings: Writing Time Management and other struggles

Whether you’re published or not, feeling like you haven’t gotten anything done unless you’ve written even a paragraph is a good indication you are a writer. If you are in love with writing, or simply committed to it, you will take the time. When something is important, you find a way. ~ Barbara DeMarco-Barrett, Pen on Fire

Yesterday was my day to care for my mother. This means my day is given over to her needs, monitoring her when she’s making her way around, in case she falls, getting her meals and snacks, (finding her Hershey bars that she suddenly recalls having after six months) and generally being with her nearly every moment, because she is now very frail, blind, sometimes confused and sometimes very sharp, a confusion in itself, and does not like to be alone. She tracks me down when I’m gone from her presence more than 15 minutes. She comes after me with her walker, or, as in the case yesterday when she heard me yelling at the dog and cat on the back porch for fighting and upsetting a flower pot, she comes toddling on her tiny feet, with her hands up and feeling air for walls and door frames. In her flowing robe and white hair on end, she looks like a wraith haunting the room.

Anyway, my point being, no writing took place, and this was okay because it was important to devote the time to my mother. I did think of my book; the imagination is always working. I thought of my characters, their motivations, some scenes came to mind. Yet I did nothing about this. And now after reading the above paragraph, I know that I could have made notes of these ideas for the book. I could have, while sitting with my mother, kept my notebook handy to catch thoughts and plans for my current WIP. Doing this would not have taken anything away from my mother, and would have built me and my spirit.

When something is important to you, you find a way. You call and speak with your love. You plan and dream. You snatch fifteen minutes here, ten there. You require other things to wait, in order to devote time to what is important to you.

One question I’m asking myself is what is important to me? Really important. This may take some time to answer. But knowing is important to me, so I will give it time. Maybe it will help to write about it.

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