The Right to Write

It is incredibly warm and raining. It is coming down in great deluges and there was an episode of wind that had rain hitting the front windows far back on the porch, threw cushions out of the chairs. I opened the door and Punk, our old grey tabby, came to the door, but no amount of coaxing could get him to come inside. He’s determinedly an outdoor cat.

I have not gone into the attic to check the still-leaky roof. I refuse. So far it is not coming through the ceiling into the living room, where I sit reading Julia Cameron’s ‘The Right to Write’, so, hopefully, the tarp and catch pans are still in the right areas. I remember that hope is my word for 2014, and also remember Jo Wnorowski from The Portable Homestead has as her word focus. I keep my focus on hope to focus on writing and get myself on a schedule and on track.

As Julia Cameron says: “The Right to Write is a birthright, a spiritual dowry that gives us the keys to the kingdom.”

I have found that true for my own life. And really, it is a nice dreary morning for writing.

God bless, ever’body!

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