On the 3rd Day of the New Year

Brrr! Winter has landed, or rather sweeping in with wind. Roaring fire in the fireplace, and when I stepped outside for wood this morning, I heard the wintery sound of a hoot owl.

Since this is only the 3rd day of the year, my word for the year–Hope– is fresh in my mind. Very often I forget these good intentions over night, but this time I have not. This is fortunate, because when the boatload of regrets from failures of last year tried to hang on me, the word hope popped into my mind. It came to me rather pointedly that I cannot mull on both regrets and hope at the same time. Can’t be done, just like the fact you can’t get sweet and bitter water from the same faucet. Much better to turn on the hope faucet. Regret stops me, but hope carries me forward.

So forward with a hopeful list of things to do today, beginning here with my writing, and the promise of a bit more later. But first there will be breakfast with home-grown eggs. My chickens are laying about half the number of eggs they were, because of the shorter winter days, but they are still laying enough for us. After that, maybe I will get some Christmas decorations put away. Who besides me still has their tree up?

God bless y’all!

5 thoughts on “On the 3rd Day of the New Year

  1. Our tree is still up and I’m not exactly sure why. 🙂 I usually take it down the day after Christmas but this year that didn’t happen and as of today, it is still up. Our son has mentioned that he has always wanted it to stay up until his birthday, which is the 14th, so I think it will stay up until then. I do like the idea of Super Bowl Sunday though…….

    Glad you are finding hope in your every day. It is there we just have to look for it.


  2. Our tree is still up and will stay up until Super Bowl Sunday. This is a tradition we brought with us from the dreary winters in Wisconsin. Northerners leave there decorations up to help brighten a very dismal time of the year. The decorations provide something to smile at and to remind us that there is hope of better days to come. Colorado is not dreary in the winter but the decorations are still a joy.

    See there is your word “hope”. We need to find it where ever we can.


  3. My trees came down because we came south for the winter–if I were home, they’d still be up and I’d still be enjoying them. Hope is a good and musical word and I have no doubt you’ll keep it going.


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