Doing What I Can

On the porch! Soft, wet and foggy morning, bit of breeze from the north east, which doesn’t touch me here. Perfectly comfortable in my robe and feet snuggled in a throw, tea at hand. The potted begonias still have color, and so does my bottle tree against the green azaleas. The purple-leaved lorapetalums are decorated with diamond raindrops.

Well. That’s such a settling word. I am calmer this morning about the leaky roof situation this morning, and far, far more informed. (One can learn so very much on the web!) Regretful that I did not make myself thus informed =before= having the work done on the roof, however, I now go forward with what I have, dropping regrets which have served their purpose, and changing what I can. We’ll see later this morning what I can change, when I call the roofer and request he make good on his work.

I am reminded of the Teddy Roosevelt quote: “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” We never can do more than that, and it goes across the board with every endeavor, from dealing with poor roofing jobs to writing. Telling yourself to just do what you can gets you unstuck in every situation. It gets you moving to the next right step.

Have a great Saturday everyone!

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