Fireplaces and Ebooks

fireplaceGood morning! Grateful #13 for the month is for my fireplace, my ability to start fires, and plenty of seasoned pecan wood, all taking the chill off the house and heart this cold, blustery morning. I don’t believe it got down to freezing, and no frost with this wind. The sun is bright–we need rain. Grateful, too, that this weather will pass quickly.

Okay, I better understand all the ebook popularity. Got my mother a Kindle Fire (lowest end) to be able to have good sound for Audible books. Mama’s eyesight will no longer let her read much. She’s used my iPad to listen to a Charles Todd mystery (a Bess Crawford, I’m reading it now, and it is great!) and could manage that, so my brother and I got her this tablet for her own, and it is soooo EASY.

Amazon makes it easy on Kindle to buy books, ebooks, Audible books, and anything and everything your little heart could desire from Amazon. I don’t recall that I ever entered a password in all my ordering on it. It is like some sort of pipeline to Amazon. All they need to do now is develop some materialization right into your home. I got Audible set up–Fannie Flagg’s latest as a free  introductory offer!–and now I’m leaving the thing alone. I could buy myself right into debt with this thing in five minutes flat. And in the same order got myself two hardback books! No, electronic will never replace paper in my soul. It just isn’t the same reading an electronic gadget in front of the roaring fire. Or maybe it will be with practice.

God bless us all today!

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