Surrender, and Write

Had the fire laid this morning, got it started nicely, and then got all settled with tea and my journal and books, and the fire dwindled. I worked on it, fretted over it, and it just wouldn’t come to life. It just smoldered. Finally gave up– I prefer the term surrendered. I had writing and reading to do. I didn’t want to use all my time and energy on one thing.

Ten minutes later, the fire flamed up cheerfully.

Very often surrender is the key. If you just leave something alone, let a situation go at its own pace, it will resolve itself. In the meantime, I was still enjoying myself with tea, paper, and a blue ink pen.

The fire is flaming nicely now, and still a few minutes left for writing. If the words won’t come as I wish, if they just seem to sit there, I’ll keep moving on with what does work, and trust that by and by those parts of my writing that are just sitting there and smoldering, will, when the time is right, come to life.

Enjoy your day!

One thought on “Surrender, and Write

  1. Thank you for your surrender reminder. I needed it badly. I yearn to be wise, to handle myself with grace and kindness and to live accordingly.
    I blew it. It happens, I know. But am feeling the pain of my misstep, deeply.
    So today, I surrender.
    Thank you for the reminder. I wasn’t going to even look at your post today and I am grateful I was lead to read.
    Have a wonderful weekend.


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