Acceptance and Timing

Good morning from the screen porch! Where I’m wrapped in a blanket and comfortable. It’s cool, but soft, filled with the scents of earth. From the sheltered porch I can hear the wind high in the trees. There is the plop-plop sound of moisture dripping from the roof. Can’t see anything yet. The wind and roosters crowing are the only sounds. All of this is the beginning of a new day.

All of you who were waiting to see what new car I would get, well, I haven’t yet. The one I wanted, just when I decided to get it, sold to someone else. I’m sure that’s a God deal. I’m still dithering on what is right for me.

I realize that this car-buying business for me is going to take longer than I wanted, going to cost me more effort than I wanted to make, and it is going to cost more than I wanted to pay. That is the way of everything in life. The best thing is to accept it. Acceptance brings peace. What is right for me will come to me at the right time. Ah, acceptance, a beautiful thing.

Today I’m going to enjoy making a bit of order in the house, and make a point of reading for pleasure, pure pleasure.

What’cha doin’ today?

4 thoughts on “Acceptance and Timing

  1. I know the ordeal (and pain) of buying a car – I just bought my first NEW car in my entire life – but my brother took the time to shop with me and get me the best deal and forced me to wait until I found the car that I absolutely loved. I did and it was worth it – got a Kia Soul that I named Pudgy and I am SO glad I waited for it instead of settling on the many others I tried out.

    I’m enjoying the first real nip of fall in the air here in MIami and savoring the last lingering bit of summer, looking forward to a weekend with my family.


    • Thank you for the encouragement to wait. I’ve searched and bought my own vehicles for years, but my husband would do the dealing and advising about money. Now my son his helping me in the same way as your brother. He, too, encourages me to wait for just what I want. God will send it in the right time. I have experience as to this fact. I’ve prayed for each vehicle in the past. 🙂


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