Keep on Keeping on

Looking at the Harvest Moon through the pecan tree. No clouds this morning. I feel blessed by the moon. And by a little bird that is tucked up on an inside ledge of the porch ceiling. A little grey-brown bird, with its head firmly in the corner, as if it feels if it can’t see the world, the world can’t see it. Well, I didn’t see it until my eye followed a tiny tree frog going up the post. For all I know the little bird has been there for days. I’ve been in and out the door, the cats wander below, and still it sleeps there, peaceful and trusting. I’m sure there’s a lesson there somewhere–a lesson to look up more often, if nothing else.

Another hot morning, with quite a number of song birds singing out into the dark. Crickets are low this morning, with a calm, dedicated rhythm, serving their place in the scheme of things.

Yesterday I made noticeable progress in making order in one area of my life and home. Very small progress, but progress just the same. I also realized a way that I could write in a dedicated manner. Guess I am learning to be like a cricket, just keep on keeping on.

God bless us all…enjoy every minute you can today.

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