Did You See The Moon?

Whew, let me tell you when I stepped out on the porch, I stepped into a sauna, and that was in the dark, too. Sitting here doing nothing more than moving my fingers to journal and read, I’m sweating. For a bit, clouds scudded across the Halloween moon that showed through the fork in the pecan tree. Now the moon is this big yellow ball right smack through the tree fork, like something out of a movie. The crickets and cicadas are making a agitated cacophony, and breeze is blowing high in the trees. Summer’s gripping and Fall’s pushing hard. I’m grateful for being in the midst of it all just now.

The focusing, the paying attention is good this minute, because when I awoke I was in the midst of a bunch of regrets. I’m reminded of the Satchel Paige quote: “Don’t look back, something might be gaining on you.” The paying attention to this moment helps anchor me in today. This moment and place is all any of us have at any minute. When you think of it like that, suddenly it seems holy. Certainly not to be missed.

I’m awfully glad I didn’t miss that big moon going down! Did any of you see it? Just think, we’re looking at the same moon.

Sending love…

7 thoughts on “Did You See The Moon?

  1. I’m enjoying the most beautiful harvest moon here in Northern Ca. It makes me think of the movie Murphys Romance with James Garner and Sally Field,when he says its a handsome moon tonite.Then he says I’m in love for the last time in my life and she says I’m in love for the first time in my life.It was such a great movie.Guess i’m getting side tracked.Hope you have a handsome moon to enjoy tonite.


    • Kathy, I LOVE Murphy’s Romance, too! When it came out, I watched it a number of times. I might have to go see if I have it on DVD. 🙂 Thanks so much for the memory and smile. Sharing the moon…


  2. Oh, I love this! Yes, I saw it, and I’m seeing it tonight! It’s gorgeous! When Char & I were first arriving home this evening, the angle at which we drove in had that big ole harvest moon on TOP of my house! And it was just beautiful! And then we swung around the driveway and the moon was much lower on the horizon so that we couldn’t see it above the trees.

    Big difference, CurtissAnn, is that we’re having almost frost in the evening! No question we are into September, into autumn!

    Be well, bless you,


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