Finally, a Day to Myself, more or less

Not a whisper of breeze. Every browning leaf and blade of grass and fern perfectly still. The birds are sure active. In the dark I heard a call that reminded me of a ghost haunting. Never heard it before. Just now some strange bird trills. Haven’t heard it before, either. Fascinating. The problem with looking up bird calls is that you have to have some notion of what they are. There are millions of calls. I guess this is another area of rather than trying to figure things out, and making myself crazy, I’ll simply enjoy the sounds.

Finally, today I get a day off. No one has to go to a doctor or any appointment, and we won’t starve without groceries. I’m going with the flow today and plan to make time for resting and reading. Could I possibly have time alone to write? What a concept. We’ll see how it all turns out. I am learning the art of resting while on the move, taking joy wherever I can find it. Maybe I can also practice saying no.

God bless you all!

11 thoughts on “Finally, a Day to Myself, more or less

  1. Isn’t it amazing how we take for granted days off when we can relax when we have many of them whilst we are younger? This time alone to write thing…I have never heard of that…what is it? πŸ™‚


  2. Yes, saying no is a hard thing to learn. Years ago I realized how hard it was and tried to put it in practice, I am still learning. I do love my alone time. Have a great day. Was that bird you heard an owl?


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