Here Comes the Sun

Here comes the sun! Remember the old Beatles song? It comes to me now as I sit here. The sky is covered by a haze, but blue is poking through, sun on the trees lining the pasture. Bees are busy at the liriope and squirrels are chasing each other, chattering, up and down the pecan tree, and the crickets singing rhythmically. And there’s a sweet breeze! Tea at hand, got the Audubon Bird app working on my phone yesterday, so I play with that. Life is good on the porch this morning.

Just realized that I’m most interested in the bird’s calls and sounds than anything else about them, much the same way that I am fascinated by language and dialects. My ear is tuned to the way people speak. Hearing some speech patterns actually gives me great delight. There was a time when I liked to call from Oklahoma home to North Carolina, to the Oxena Drugstore, just to speak to the woman who handled the newspaper and book distribution for the entire east coast of North Carolina, because of her old South accent. It was like breathing air for me.

It’s good to realize our loves, and then we can pursue them with purpose.

I leave you with the Beatles wisdom…

4 thoughts on “Here Comes the Sun

  1. Had to laugh and send you a hug thru the ether this morning!!!
    Sitting on my porch with a diet coke early this morning and my rooster ( who was supposed to be a hen named Lavina and is now Vinnie), started his version of cockeldoodledoo which sounds like a 90 year old woman with laryngitis! He has always had that type of voice and the neighbors begged me to keep him. They say it makes them smile and because its so low in pitch, my elderly neighbor lady says its like hearing God bless her every morning!
    So here’s to early morning bird calls delivering our Grace for the day from God.
    I wish I lived closer to you and could give you a real big hug and look you in the eye and say “I am so proud of the way you are dealing with everything. Forgive yourself for losing patience with loved ones. You are doing beautifully and growing into such a wise woman. All of us woman are in it together, and we will hold each other up whenever the load gets too heavy”.
    So I’m praying your day feels light as those birds feathers in your yard singing you awake for a new day.
    Big Big Hugs!


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