New Morning Restart

Cicadas just started singing, signaling heat to come. The oppressive heat and humidity is lifted at present, though, and there’s a sense of energy, as if all the trees and birds and bugs are a bit eager for the day. And the ‘twit-twit’ birds seem to flit through the air faster than ever, over here, then over there, so fast I cannot see them. Oh, there’s a song bird calling out, a new one I have not heard before. And while I’ve written this, the light has grown so that I can see all the way across the pasture now.

Makes me aware of how nature moves on in constant cycles and seasons that are ever-evolving. I’m evolving, too, no matter that oftentimes I am frustrated to find myself right back in some sort of poor habit I so dislike, such as reacting with anger, rather than responding with love. Did that yesterday a couple of times, to my regret. Reacting brings only frustration, never does solve anything. But I’m greatly cheered when I think of my evolving. I have changed and mellowed over the years, and reacting is less and less, and loving more and more.

It’s very cheering to think, too, that each morning is a new day to let go of yesterday and start again. Or that I can press restart any time during the day. A new page, a new chapter. Just restart and never stop restarting.

Gotta run on that restart thing. Lots to do today. Sending love to you all!

Start wherever you are and start small. -Rita Baily

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