Some Things Remain

Good morning, friends! I looked under the towel today before I sat down, not wanting to be surprised by a lizard. Got my tea at hand, and daylight is growing slowly. Can see across the pasture now. Cicadas singing loudly in the pecan tree. Haven’t heard them doing that in several days. Birds come and go, one minute singing, chirping, and one intermittently puts in a wash-board tune. The next instant the birds are gone, not a sound out of them, and I hear thunder in the distance. While there’s talk of a colder than normal winter for many of you, here in south Alabama is predicted to be wetter than normal.

Labor day behind us, making today the start of a new week and the fall season. Nothing really has changed from the day before, but we see it differently. I remember when it was a hard and fast rule that women did not wear white or open-toed shoes after Labor Day, and by heaven my grandmother Anna adhered to this. When I see pictures of her taken in the summer, she had her white purse and white shoes. After Labor Day, it would be dark shoes and purse, and her shoes always matched her purse. Ideas of society have changed in this century.

I guess that’s a reminder to me that I get to decide how I’m going to think about anything. Each moment I can, and must, choose my attitude about life and living. Good thing, because down here I wear sandals far into the fall, and I gave up my purse matching my shoes as just too much trouble. Although I admit, I still, after all this time, think of it when I put on my sandals. Some things remain.

The sky is a curious and beautiful pale blue now. The day begins in earnest. I have plans to write and make order. Enjoy your plans!

2 thoughts on “Some Things Remain

  1. came out early to hang up a hummingbird feeder. heard a summer tanager singing in the oak tree. he stayed hidden. I wanted to see his pretty red feathers. I remember the first time I saw a summer tanager, years ago, I could not believe my eyes, he was so pretty. I was wearing a red shirt, and he came to the edge of a branch and sang, I have often wondered if he was telling me to stay clear, that was his domain. Since then, I have learned his song, but he usually stays hidden.

    Happy September, think I will continue to wear my white jeans and shorts a while longer. wink wink.


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