Through a Child’s Eyes

I slept in. Feels great! Day well started by the time I got to the porch–a wet, grey morning, with a bit of a breeze now and again far up at the tops of the pecan trees. I can hear a noisy hen telling the news from the hen house, and thunder booming in the distance. There’s a single, very loud and busy bee in the liriope flowers. I think liriope flowers are lovely, the same way I love ligustrum flowers. I know this is not a popular idea. Oh, here comes the rain again. It sounds like it starts at the rear of the garage and comes this way. Must be the breeze.

I have company on the porch this morning! Little Dude showed up. We looked over on the wall and there was a tiny frog. Blended right in with the color, and looked almost flat. Little Dude went to touch him, and he hopped in an arc to the porch, startling us both to giggling. Through a child’s eyes, the world becomes a mighty interesting and magical place.

Creativity comes from the little child within. Today let me keep the child-vision, and see what new discoveries I can see.

Enjoy your day!

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