Taking it Easy Today.

The sky grows blue, slowly, like blooming. There’s an large, billowy pink cloud behind the pecan tree leaves. The light all around holds a hint of pink, too. And the crickets and cicadas are going strong on this hot and sultry morning, where summer seems weary but full yet.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but by Friday, I’m tired. I’m taking it easy today. Go with the flow. I remember Big Mama, when she retired, said she took each Monday off. I have things that need doing today, want to do, but maybe I can designate this the day of no worry and no hurry.

What’s going on where you are? It tickles me to read from you all. Sending love and hugs.

14 thoughts on “Taking it Easy Today.

  1. As a rule, I try to take Monday’s off, but I don’t always get what I want. I try to work extra hard on Friday’s so that I feel justified in taking a long weekend. Today, being the hottest day of the year so far here in the Midwest, I ran all over town leaving flyers about the upcoming writers guild workshop at any business that allowed me to do so. Now I am home to write introduction letters and try to line up book signings for myself. As for the workshop, you will get a good laugh at what session was given to me to lead…Journal Writing!!! Just because my first book is based on a personal experience and the one journal that I kept faithfully, someone thinks that I am qualified to tell others the benefits of journaling! LOL!! I am having to do LOTS of homework! You know my track record for journal writing. I will get to show all of my half-hearted attempts at journaling…an example of never give up!


  2. This weekend we will have a houseful of boys and bicycles! Our town hosts the Hotter N’Hell Hundred Bicycle Ride this weekend, the largest in the country, and our 2nd oldest son is here to ride in it. He has several friends coming to ride too, so our living room will be wall to wall with sleeping bags tonight and tomorrow! Then Son #1 and his fiance come on Saturday for a visit – so this weekend is a’poppin’!


  3. Its only 46 degrees high in the Colorado Rockies this morning. We had a huge thunderstorm last night that put the power out for a couple of hours but the sound of the rain on the roof and the kettle drums thundering were restful so I was able to drop off to sleep easily. Today we are off to a wedding of a dear friend. I just spent the last few weeks getting my sewing room set up so I will be able to get back to my daughter’s Celtic wedding quilt.Can’t wait.


  4. Have to go in to work for the morning but then coming home for an afternoon at the beach with my parents and pup, dinner out and then early to bed because I’m going to visit my grandma as a surprise tomorrow morning and show her the progress I’ve made. A lovely lovely weekend ahead!!


  5. Good morning to you. It is indeed a good day to take off. I like to take Mondays off too. Yesterday I worked, early this morning I will walk around our field with two friends. We are trying to stay healthy as we age. Grandchildren I get to see at 2:30. It will be a good day. I will rest in between. wink wink.


  6. I was retired for a year or so from the post office, but writing seven days a week because–after all, I could, without the day job wearing me out–but then I realized the writing job was exhausting me, too. And my writing voice itself seemed to be getting slow and sullen, so I started taking weekends off most of the time. It was one of my smarter moves!


    • I began taking weekends off during my last two novels. Until then I felt I ‘should’ work all the time. I was raised that way–work was revered, honored. Day-dreaming not. Where did we ever get such distorted ideas? I’m glad to report that my son, who owns his own shop, has chosen to never work weekends, but to spend that time with family. I’m glad to report, too, that I’ve learned the same lesson.


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