November, the Month of Creative Abandon

So how are you doing on the fourth day of the ‘thirty days and nights of literary abandon’– National Novel Writing Month?

And so what if it is not a novel. Maybe it is the story of your life, or an article on tea, or one hundred ways to cook chicken (not me). Maybe it is carving a giant turkey to grace the family table. Whatever it is, give yourself permission to go at it with abandonment this month of November.

Just to give you an example, my first three days have largely been taken up with a difficult eye appointment for my mother (remember Tim Conway and the little old man?), chiropractor appointment for myself, Halloween stuff, a grumpy cold (mine), and all the regular everyday that does get daily. I’ve still written each day, and oh, the fun I’ve had! And today, day four, I feel energy coming at an encouraging rate. It’s accumulating. Ideas are gelling.

For me this month is about focus on creative abandon. It is learning to focus on process, not product. All the interruptions are no more noise than I allow them to be.

I received this message from friend and fellow writer, Carolyn M:

“I just had to share an update with you and let you know what a spark your challenge created. This is only day 3 of the month, I have cleaned up, fixed, edited and putzed with the first five chapters to the point that I can honestly set them aside and call therm finished! The only thing missing is the decorative parapraph seperators that I will insert later, all at one time. (when I take the time to find them!) I have 42 pages and 12,424 words. Ready to move on to the next 5 chapters. Thank you friend, for that little extra nudge!

What could this month be for you? You make your own rules. I’d love to hear how everyone is doing. Your sparks kindle my own flames of abandon.


4 thoughts on “November, the Month of Creative Abandon

  1. Early this morning before my feet even hit the floor, I remembered my writing challenge for this month’s guild meeting (in 3 days). I have not given it a single thought since I walked out that door last month! I quickly grabbed the lap top, and knocked out that baby in no time flat! A little tweaking later this evening, and it will be finished. Haha! I certainly did not stress over this one, and I am quite pleased with it, if I do say so myself.!!! Hope your cold is getting better, I have had bronchitis for three weeks now. I think that is long enough!


    • Shoot fire, as my dear Big Mama used to say, that’s what I’ve got–bronchitis for several weeks and back to back colds. But I’m writing and you’re inspiring me. Hugs~ CA

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