Wordless Wednesday — Gluten-free Chickens

My heart’s on fire for my Elvira.

Bigstreetrod made me a water fountain for the girls. Just a bucket with these handy little nipples poked in the bottom. Keeps the water clean, and gives the chickens something to peck.

My girls at 21-weeks. Doin’ fine on gluten-free ration.

Shush– I’m sneaking in words. I’ve made a Chicken tab in the menu above. Just mouse-over the Gluten-Free Life tab, and it appears below. I’ve had a number of inquiries about my gluten-free chicken feed. You can find my first recipes and links to other chicken feed recipes/info at my post: The Chicks and Me, Gluten Free. I will be posting my current gluten-free chicken feed diet soon.

My girls are healthy, so the first goal realized. I have not yet gotten eggs. Waiting with high anticipation!

Grace and Peace,

7 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday — Gluten-free Chickens

  1. I struggle with gluten intolerance. I have a friend I’d like to introduce you to…she is just moving to wordpress from blogspot but her blog is “thefreakfoodgourmet.wordpress.com” the old one is “freakfoodgourmet.blogspot.com”. She’s a sweet lady with celiac disease. Lots of great recipes!


    • Oh, Amy, you remind me. There’s an experienced chicken raiser in our club who raked up pine needles for using in her hen house. So surely pine shavings aren’t harmful to our hens. I wonder if it keeps away certain bugs. The water in the bucket does stay clean from debris! And the girls love it.


      • Hi CurtissAnn,

        I’ve been having fun reading you chicken adventure.

        I have my own 6 gluten free chickie gals – except we believe one is a rooster – Oh My! They are 16 weeks old today.

        I’ve found a local farmer who makes organic gluten free chicken feed for me. He specializes in making custom organic animal feeds and works with an animal nutritionist.

        Only catch was I have to buy 250 pounds at a pop – that’s a lot of feed for my 6 free ranging chicks!

        You may be able to find a local mill near you that will do the same for you. Someone told me they would start eating a lot more once they reach adulthood.

        Don’t know anyone else who is raising gluten free chicks, but there is a lot of interest on the gluten zap board.

        Best of luck to you and your girls.


        • Wow, that is sooo cool! Can you tell me the ingredients of your gluten-free feed? I think I can get help from our feed store, if I could come up with a solid recipe. Mine tends to be ‘a little of this, little of that’.

          Yes, your dears will eat more as they grow, but it still has not been as much as I’ve thought. I think it was Harvey Ussery who said when chickens are fed grains and seeds they don’t take so much feed. We let ours free-range every evening, too, and we have plenty of space, 4+ acres, with trees, bushes, underneath with all those bugs. 🙂



  2. So proud of you raising chickens…They sure look healthy, so you must be doing it right, Daddy and Mama would have been so proud of you…Continue with the updates…


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