Learned Lessons on Garden Bloggers Bloom Day

It’s Garden Bloggers Bloom Day for November! (Lordy, did you see that? I skipped a month! I imagine you can relate. I’m already looking at Christmas gifts– yet sweet olive is blooming here, again!)

Sweet olive blooms are more white the second blooming, and smell just as delicious.

I cannot recall the name of this rose, but it is one of the antique roses.

I learned the past week: Don’t give up. Good surprises are always just around the corner, like sweet olive blooming a second time, and oxalis in the shade, and this pink rose that has kept repeatedly blooming since the spring.

I learned that those little flowers the grandchildren like to pick for Nana, which I think are wild garlic all over the yard in the spring, actually have the lovely scent of cloves in the fall.

And that we have what I take for wild morning glories growing on the fence row! These are brand new, so unexpected, growing in ditches around the neighborhood, too ~

I learned the past week that no matter how hard one tries, the unexpected not-so-good happens, too. My email was broken into, someone from Brazil logged into it, imagine that. This thief of peace and security sent two emails with links either to virus pages or simply unsavory sites to the majority of my contacts. As a dear friend pointed out, though: “…I figure masked marauders could also break into my house at any time, and I don’t go around worrying about that.”

I learned, too, that God uses it all, even the distressing events, to bring good into my life. From the mailbox break-in, I finally began making some needed changes to my life. I’m spending less time on the internet and more time writing, reading, playing in the real world.

So we learn, do what we can, and go on enjoying life, which is the point of it all.

Visit May Dreams Gardens to see other Garden Bloggers Bloom Day participants. The GBBD posts are havens of peace all around the world.

7 thoughts on “Learned Lessons on Garden Bloggers Bloom Day

  1. How sweet that the grandchildren pick those little flowers for you; those are the things that make life wonderful. I thought those little plants were wild garlic, but a friend told me they are a type of rainlily. This time of year they are all over the lawn, and I am tired of cutting grass all summer, so I leave the lawn alone and enjoy watching the bees and other winged creatures light on them. It’s been so hard on wildlife this summer, I hope they are finding nourishment in the tiny blooms.
    Enjoy the blooms of fall while they last, hugs, Nola


  2. Lovely post…I remember living in the midwest being absolutely in love with the Morning Glories that would grow up the corn stalks at the edge of our fields…so stunning with their mix of white, purple and blue flowers in the morning sun 🙂


  3. Very intersting bits of info here today. There are strange things happening in the yard and also with my computer. My pussywillow bush has been leafless for over a week now, and it makes me sad to to see those bare skinny brown branches signaling the coming change in the seasons. But today something bright green caught my eye. A closer inspection showed dozens of new sprouts shooting from all over the bush with soft tiny green leaves unfolding. It looks like Spring again. I hope they get the opportunity to get good and strong before the cold weather gets here. As for the computer, I am hoping I did not make a mistake by trying to open an email from you the other day. It had a link to ‘pro-active’ My first thought was that is was odd, but then I thought there must be some reason that CA would send this. However, I couldn’t open it. Now today, my facebook account is locked out, and even with a new password, I cannot get in. I really need to get off of there anyway! I guess I should quickly start checking my bank accounts and such. One can never be too careful these days. Thanks for keeping us informed on the good, and the bad, as well as the green and blooming! Carolyn


    • Dearest Carolyn, I pray nothing untoward happened to your computer. If your security program was up to date, it was why you could not open the file and saved you. As for Facebook, I think being locked out happens regularly. I’ve given it up because of all the security risks I’ve been hearing about it, not to mention that I must choose wisely the use of my time. We’ve had grandchildren for days! And today I actually got time with my son, one on one.

      This email break in is actually a blessing down the road. I’m really, really looking at how I want to arrange my life in the coming years. Does so much internet fit with my goals?

      Sending blessings, CA



  4. Lovely post. I have loads of wild garlic sprouting up in the garden. I’m thinking about just leaving them. The thought of fighting them makes me tired. Sorry about your break-in experience. 😦 Happy GBBD! You had a lot of pretty blooms to show!


  5. “I learned that those little flowers the grandchildren like to pick for Nana, which I think are wild garlic all over the yard in the spring, actually have the lovely scent of cloves in the fall.” This phrase truly strikes a cord today. It gives a poetic and visual twist to something I pondered earlier about how two different people can have a different perspective about a third, both of which represent an incomplete understanding of the whole person. Happy to have landed here. I will keep on reading. Enjoy your weekend and writing.


  6. I think your rose is ‘Carefree Beauty.’ I really do. You can’t worry too much about the breakin. I went to one of those sites per the link because I thought it was something good, but then I remembered too late that you like yahoo better. Oh well, I’ve had my credit card number stolen and lots of things. I keep moving on because there is so much beauty in the world my darling.

    I think bees are getting more aggressive partly because they are starving. The heat reduced the number of flowers. Also, you were near a nest it seems.

    Hugs honey bear.



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