Sweet Olive and Other Lights for Bloom Day

I am flabbergasted. This morning I thought of the sweet olive blooms that come in the fall. I thought it too early, that they would come late October.  Then, surprise!

These blossoms are quite yellow at present, when in the past they've been more white. They grow on the 'woody' branch, at the juncture of branches and leaves. The sweet fragrance is strong and divine!

I've discovered a water lily is one of life's most beautiful and toughest blooms.

The sweet olive blossoms and this water lily are about it for us now. Both usually go far into fall and winter here, but, remembering the wisdom of Shel Silverstein: “Anything can be…”

My world is a most beautiful place, even without blooms. These are taken from a morning bike ride around the neighborhood:

Great live oak in morning light.

I’m posting these early for Garden Bloggers Bloom Day, held each 15th of the month. Tomorrow, jump over to May Dreams Gardens to visit other participating bloggers. My thanks to Carol for starting this enjoyable event and continuing to host.

Blessings, CurtissAnn

7 thoughts on “Sweet Olive and Other Lights for Bloom Day

    • Came home this noon and was greeted by the strong sweetness of the sweet olive at the back door. What a treat! Especially considering how dry we have been this year, and how negligent of watering the area.




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