I Won My Heart’s Delight– gardening gloves!

The Flex Gardener style gloves are wonderful! They fit well, the goatskin is soft, and washable! I highly recommend them.

I keep saying I am not a gardener, but would anyone other than a gardener get all excited about winning gardening gloves?

Well, at the very least I am a woman who works at times in the garden, as well as helps to move car parts, furniture, and firewood. And for years I have refused to wear anything other than soft and supple goatskin palm with stretchy fabric back. So, when I saw Kathy Purdy, expert gardener over at Cold Climate Gardening, was sponsoring a drawing for my favorite style of glove by Fields & Lane, I jumped right over to enter. To my great surprise and delight, I won–five pair! When the Fields & Lane representative contacted me, she asked if I really wanted all five pair of the Flex Gardener style. I said, “Yes!”

It really is the small things that make life worth the living–a good cup of tea on the porch, and when finished, heading off to poke around the yard, cut roses, pull weeds, with a good pair of clippers and favorite comfortable pair of gloves. Now I’m looking for a good fitting pair of denim overalls, with the pliers pocket. My three pair made by Key Industries are wearing out, and there does not seem to be stores in Alabama who sell such overalls in women’s sizes. If anyone hears of a giveaway, let me know.


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