Blossom Out of Season

I just have to share this with you–

Yes, an iris bloom, right here in the middle of August. Because of our extreme and extended drought, only a few iris blooms appeared in the spring. About a month ago, rains began to come, and the and the sun-scorched iris leaves shot straight up so happily. Then this beautiful bloom.

As I look at the blossom out of season, I hear the whispers from the old Shel Silverstein poem: “Anything can happen, child, Anything can be.”

And it can–in my life, and in yours.

3 thoughts on “Blossom Out of Season

  1. Love it! We had hot, dry conditions here in Branson, Mo. as well. I didn’t think the grass would come back this year, but after a few showers, it’s looking green again. And so thankful that the temps have fallen a bit too.

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful iris. We live in an apartment now and I miss my flower beds. 😦 But, I can enjoy yours. 😉


    • You know I was just saying to my mother this morning something very similar. We moved from our rural home in OK, where we had horses, dogs, cats. Now we live in a somewhat-rural neighborhood, no fencing. Just down the road is a family who has goats, dogs, ducks, cats, hens and roosters! Running loose. We get to pass them, even pet them, and don’t have the worry of having to care for them! I really like looking at the beauty in gardening mags. No work. LOL!




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