Dog Days of Summer Bloom Day

We are in the dog days of summer–from early July through the end of September. These dates can vary, depending on location, but the phrase does mean a hot, sultry time, such as we’ve been having on the Gulf Coast. I’ve refused to go out of the house in the afternoon.

You can join in with other Bloom Day Bloggers by visiting our generous host Carol at May Dreams Gardens. Thank you, Carol!

Common, I forget the name at the moment, but the blooms make me foolishly happy.


Heard bees in the liriope. Good sign!


crepe myrtle, still, dropping blossoms everywhere.


One of the gifts of my life.


3 thoughts on “Dog Days of Summer Bloom Day

  1. We’ve had miserably hot and humid weather in KC this summer, Curtiss Ann. However, over the last couple of days it’s been so much cooler and we’ve had rain! I’m so ready for fall, but I’d love to have a bit of “normal” summer for a bit first. It seems we went from a super duper short spring to blistering heat…..not much in between.

    Your flowers are lovely…just saw some blooms on some of our Liriope recently, too!

    Have a great Monday! dana


  2. Sometimes it’s the simple things that makes us happiest! We drove through the Botanical Gardens in Fort Worth yesterday and it almost made me weep with joy at how pretty and green and lush it looked! 🙂 Happy Bloom day to you, sweet friend!


    • Oh, darling, I believe I’ve been there! It was so magical. Don’t they have large live oak trees? Forth Worth is a downright lovely place anyway. There’s a great Mexican restaurant on Blue Bonnet Circle. Oh, now I’m nostalgic. I’m so happy for your enjoyment. xxxooo CA



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