The Guys at the Tea Party

Hi, friends! I just posted a piece over at the Taste of English Tea blog about my attempt to introduce our Sweetie-Pie to a bit of gracious living with teatime. We baked muffins for the occasion. You can read the tale by clicking here. But I wanted to add this post-script~

Three days after my somewhat confused attempt, which I thought had made no impression whatsoever, he spied my mother’s vintage child’s tea dishes in the china cabinet. He called, “I wanna have a tea party,” and proceeded to open the china cabinet, which he had never done before, and pull out the dishes.

At first I was alarmed. I started trying to grab the tiny china dishes, certain they were going to end up smashed on the brick floor. But then I thought: What are you saving them for? Live today!

We got out the dishes, I actually made tea and put a bit into the small pot. Bigstreetrod happened in and joined us.

Real men have a tea party.

Just goes to show that many things we try to teach do sink in, even when it does not seem like it.



3 thoughts on “The Guys at the Tea Party

  1. It seems like only yesterday you said you had a grandson and now look at him.
    You are right not to save it..the older I get the more I wonder why I save things “for good”… I know you are having fun living close to your family.
    I am looking forward to your next book, have you got anything coming up?
    Marilyn Morse


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