Yes, There are Still Miracles, Virginia

Here is a tale from an ordinary woman, my friend who is a recent widow, in her own words:

Ok, I have a story to tell about a miracle.  Because I receive James’ social security now, they require I go on medicare.  I won’t go into the battles I have been having with the US government, but it has been difficult dealing with them, but it got worse.  I received a letter saying that I would only receive $96 for November because they charged me with Medicare Premiums from July through October.  I have not received MC yet but since I became eligible in July, I have to pay premiums for those months; I was never told this would happen.  And I paid for something I did not get.  To my government!  I can’t refuse it because if I do and decide I want it later I will be charged penalties, for not taking it while I got the chance.  See, I really need to talk about resentment.  So there was going to be no money in the bank for the mortgage, so Calvin (her son) paid it.  He sold some of his horses.  He went over my bills and made sure I had enough money to get through the month.

I was figuring in the $96.  Guess what, it was not in the bank when it was due.  I call SS and was told that I was not entitled to the $96 because I had to pay MC premiums for November too.  I cried, I lectured and did every thing but swear to that woman on the phone, but I lost the war.  Another program will pay my premiums and reimburse me but that will take up to 90 days,  which doesn’t help me today.

So I hung up frustrated, and was going to call and vent at Brenda, but before I could someone knocked on the door.  It was the neighbor with my mail which had been delivered to her house by mistake.  I opened the personal letter first.  It had “Father” as the return address.  Inside was $100 cash with a note that said, “My Child, I am faithful” It was signed “God.”  OMG.  I laughed and cried and I am still stunned.

I am deeply grateful to my friend for sharing her story with me. With it, I am reminded of quite a number of times over the years that I have been helped. The United States is not the government. The United States is made up of people, of everyday heroes who give from their hearts and hands in small and large ways to help their neighbors.

Lord, thank you for the people who lead us in the way of generosity…as the woman who let me go ahead of her in the grocery line, the postman, who comes all the way up on my porch to leave a package out of the rain, the young man who puts in extra firewood to make certain he’s given me my money’s worth. Let me be so generous. Amen.

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