Old Hollywood Thanksgiving Card Shower–actual addresses of classic film stars alive today

I found this delightful video when looking for one to wish you Happy Thanksgiving:

I have an annual riual of sending a certain special person a Thanksgiving card. I bought the card weeks ago. Then here came today–Tuesday before Thanksgiving–on a morning that I had to take my mother to the doctor and then scoot over to Sweetie-Pie’s preschool Thanksgiving party, taking gelatin fruit salad–and I finally remembered to get to my small writing desk to make out the card. In order to find the desk, I had to clean off several books, notes, fingernail polish, and a box of Christmas cards bought the night before (at least I know where they are, if I don’t forget). But I did get the card made out and remembered to post it while rushing on my morning travels.

Sending a greeting card is, after all, mostly for the person doing the sending. It is never too late for a bit of heartfelt enjoyment. Go for it.

Blessings for a wonderful Thanksgiving,

3 thoughts on “Old Hollywood Thanksgiving Card Shower–actual addresses of classic film stars alive today

  1. My stepmother moved from her retirement apartment to a senior care facility after some health crises in the spring. For the first couple of months, I sent off newsy letters with lots of photos about our house and neighborhood, and then… nothing. I started feeling so guilty. At last I did send off a Thanksgiving card with a fairly lengthy note and I hope that I have reformed my bad ways. But I doubt it.


  2. How wonderful, I saw the address of my favorite 1940’s star, Lauren Bacall! Email is wonderful, but it just won’t take the place of real cards. Nothing is more thrilling than going to the mailbox to find something someone took the time to send!


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