Just Pick Something to Work on

My job, like all artists, is to hang in there and keep working. ~ Julia Cameron

Life interrupt-ous happened. One project was finished and everyday life came with that big sucking vacuum of demands and emergencies, and off I flew in a million directions. Days went by and I did not work on any dedicated writing project. The more days I did not work on a project, the more I didn’t write at all, even in my journal. Left un-nurtured, the writer in me withered, and frustration grew.

The phrase dedicated writing project jumps out at me. I have a number of project ideas calling. But I avoid choosing. Waiting for solitary time, which is in short supply right now. What I need is to take the time. Waiting for a certainty of direction on which project. This is a seeking of perfection and certainty of success. Waiting for energy, always in short supply. With the work will come energy.

Just pick a project. Begin. Hang in there and work everyday. There is no guarantee of results, but there is absolute guarantee of satisfaction in soul with the work.

Today I choose a project. All I need do is open a file, jot notes on paper. Begin and keep on writing. The writing itself is the purpose, the nurturing of my life.