Don’t Miss It

My post this week is late because when I had planned to write it, I got the opportunity to spend time with my grandson. Not going to miss out on that!

Dear Grandson has his learner’s permit, so he drove us to the mall. He calls it, “Driving Miss Nana.” The stated purpose was for me to help him shop for the people on his gift list. My underlying purpose, aside from delighting in him and continuing a tradition we started three years ago, was to visit the Chanel counter to purchase Chanel #5 body dusting powder, which I have used for years and years.

Well, things change. Just so you know, in case anyone of you reading this use it, too, the Chanel dusting powder is no longer available. You should have seen my face when the sales woman told me that. I think she tried to soften my disappointment by chatting and wishing me a Merry Christmas.

It is quite lovely, and possibly remarkable, that every sales person we encountered in the five stores we visited in the mall wished us, “Merry Christmas.” Yes, they did, and it was a delight! And Grandson and I had us a bang-up time racing through the brightly decorated and shimmering mall along with all the other racing people. I wouldn’t have missed that time for anything.

Music artist Matthew West’s song The Heart of Christmas states it perfectly:

Live while you can, cherish the moment,
The ones that you love, make sure they know it.
Don’t miss it, the heart of Christmas. --Matthew West

What makes us truly happy, truly come alive, is loving another. This Christmas make sure the ones you love know it. Stop everything and enjoy doing that.

Christmas reminds us...
   in the miracle of love given to us by Christ Jesus,
      and in the miracle of sharing that love.

Merry Christmas!