Sowing and Reaping

I had planted the caladiums two years ago, actually moving them from where they annoyed me to where I thought they would add just the right color.

Then came an unusually bitter cold and dry winter, followed with a severe drought. The caladiums did not come up, and I clean forgot all about them. I even replanted a large part of the area with tall liriope and a couple of gardenia bushes.

When perusing the garden center this spring, I saw caladium tubers and thought of the ones I had planted. Long dead, I figured. I considered getting new ones, but somehow did not get to it.

Then, to my great surprise, soon after some abundant rain, I saw a large red and green leaf. My thought was: “Good Lord’amercy, where did that come from? Further, I spied another a few days later on the other side of the pond. When another came up, I began to look again and again. There are now five totally separate plants. I had completely forgot where I planted them, but it turns out they are perfectly placed to suit my taste.

Lesson: It may be a long time later, but in due time what we sow, we will reap. This is the law of the universe.

Starting Monday Out Right:
Dear God, today I’ll remember the lesson of reaping. I’ll take a look at what I really want in my life, and sow at least one thing today and this week toward my desire. I’ll keep an eye out for abundant blooming of some desires, too, and give thanks. Thanks for your help. Amen. So it is.