Love in a Small Town now in Kindle & On Sale!

Love in a Small Town released on Kindle! $1.99 Sale!

It is also available on sale at $1.99 at all venues, Nook, iBook, Kobo, etc.

And it is in paperback, too! Beautiful print on paper, trade-paperback size, the smell of paper, the feel and delight in being able to mark-it-all-up paper, available at your favorite bookstore.  You may have to order it at your local store, but it is available throughout the entire system nationwide. It was fun to watch to see it come up at Barnes and Noble and BooksaMillion.

Note: On Amazon it is available with the Matchbook program: If you buy the paper book, you can get the digital edition right now for Free!

“This tender story of passionate love and family devotion is a splendid example of Ms. Matlock’s ability to look deep into the soul of individuals and celebrate their strengths and foibles. Wonderful!”
~ Romantic Times Magazine

My favorite parts are the foibles, of course. I find them oh, so funny, and endearingly human.