Looking for Beta Readers

Are you a beta reader for an author? Have you read two or more of my books? Do you like my books? Do you enjoy women’s fiction? I’m looking for five beta readers for my latest novel, currently titled According to Carley Love.

The term ‘Beta Reader’ makes me smile. It came about from the computer-jargon of program developers. In my first years of writing, we called them ‘friends’, or maybe it was a mother, a sister, a cousin. Or simply ‘readers’. For my first books, I would write a few chapters and carry them across the street to my dear neighbor, who read them and would report back, “It’s boring,” or, “It’s pretty good.” She was an intelligent woman and voracious reader of the type of novels I also read and wrote, so she knew her stuff. And, most importantly, she loved me. I trusted her implicitly.

The wonderful mystery writer Tony Hillerman once said to never get another writer to read your stuff and give feedback, because another writer would tell you how he/she would write it. Hillerman relied on his wife to read his work. If she said, “Um, it’s okay,” he knew he had a lot more work to do on it. If she said, “This is really good,” he knew he had hit it!

As I said at the top of this post, I am only seeking five beta readers. I need people who enjoy my novels and are readers of women’s fiction in general, and what I call Southern domestic fiction in particular. I want feedback for places where the story drags or confuses, as well as places where I hit right on. I also want to know if characters are clear, and if you can relate to them.

If you would be willing to be a beta reader for my novel, and be the first to read it, please leave a comment below. This will give me your email and I can reply privately.

Thank you!