Enjoy a Bit of Luxury Everyday

Good morning from the porch! It’s pleasantly cool. Got on the heavy robe and slipper-socks, but not the blanket. There seems to be much activity this morning, at least from a distance. Dogs barking beyond the trees and traffic on the roads. The cats keep turning on the motion light.

I find myself throwing my mind to the late afternoon, thinking, “Whew, after today, my life will be my own again.” This is because of doctor visits yesterday and again today for my mother. But in truth, my life is always my own. I’m the one who decides my attitude toward my life and each day. I’m doing what I want to do, and I’m certainly thankful for all that I can do. For those things I’m not too satisfied with, I’ll give some thought and prayer for changing.

One thing I’m working on changing is my vehicle. I love vehicles (of course I was drawn into the Matlock family). I’ve had it with 6 years putting up with a driver’s seat that does not fit me. As small family chauffeur and primary household supplier, I spend quite a bit of time in the driver’s seat, so I’ve decided whatever vehicle I get is going to be as luxurious as I can afford, with a seat that fits me in every way and form. The looking and planning and anticipating is great fun!

Since I’m in the driver’s seat of my life, I’m going to enjoy every bit of luxury I can with it today, too. Today is all we have. I’m not putting enjoyment off until everything is perfect.

Enjoy yourself today!