“You Got to Please Yourself…dat, da, da, da…”

I just now looked over at the original cover of If Wishes Were Horses, and lyrics to Garden Party by Ricky Nelson popped into my head. It is true, you can’t please everyone, but you do, first and foremost in any art, have to please yourself.

If Wishes Were Horses was published in 1998 by Avon Books in mass market paperback. The low-quality paper is now yellowed. The book was more or less tossed thoughtlessly into the huge sea of pulp mid-list fiction. It was the final book I did for Avon, and in the view of the editor, it was just another romance book. I did get some lovely reviews. It pleased a number of people, but it was one in many and sunk to the bottom of the pile.

Two months ago, I read the book for the first time since writing it nineteen years ago. After nearly two decades, I saw the book with fresh eyes. It was as if I were reading a story written by someone else. I was stunned and highly gratified to find a wonderfully compelling and beautifully written novel. I didn’t want to put it down.

I am well pleased with this book. Tickled and proud as a dog with two tails, as a matter of fact. I am grateful to be able to bring the book back to publication once again. It deserves it.

I edited very lightly, only a few small changes to the manuscript in order to cut out extraneous verbiage. The book, as all fiction in the 90s, was a big book. It was originally divided into three parts, and I’m releasing it as a series of three separate continuing ebooks: If Wishes Were Horses, Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

Wishes-Cover-Part-1-800 Wishes-Cover-Part-2-800 Wishes-Cover-Part-3-800






I’m grateful to be able to bring the book back to publication once again. The planned release date is April 22. I’ll be posting more about the series soon.