What Makes Me Happy

Wrapped in a blanket on the porch this morning, but the air is soft and pleasant. I had to listen closely for crickets, wondered if the noise I heard was ringing in my ears. But now I hear them making a low singing. Guess they are fading and soon will be gone. Curious to see how that works. The moon peeks through the cloud cover, casting a silvery glow over the pecan tree, and looking very Halloweeny.

What are my plans for today? A must is to clean the furnace filters and get the vents set in my mother’s rooms. In another couple of mornings, she will need heat. Little Dude is off school today, and we might go down to the shopping mall to go up and down the escalators. He loves them.

It is funny what gives each of us a kick. A dozen times in the past days I’ve smelled the sweet olive and drank a good cup of tea with enjoyment. I’ve enjoyed seeing my family enjoy Sunday supper at the table, and now I enjoy the sweet memory. This morning when I gathered my books for reading on the porch, I realized that books are my dear friends, and they will not die as human’s do. The wisdom and comfort of the writers will be with me forever. And then when I came to sit on the porch, I felt a leap of joy, so much that I had to laugh at myself.

I guess the best place to be is in a state of awareness of what makes me happy. The best thing I can do for myself and for the world is to be happy, for in that happiness is life.

What gives you joy today?