Yippee! Miracle On I-40 hits the top 100 Kindle Holiday Romances!


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I’m thrilled that Miracle On I-40 has gone onto the top 100 Kindle books in the Holiday Romances. Another generation of people are enjoying the story, conceived so long ago. Miracle On I-40 is a story about second chances, perseverence, and seeking joy. About choosing life, right in the midst of chaos. (Perhaps I know more about this perseverance than I have realized.)  It is a feel-good, relaxing read.

It has always been my aim to write to give to others the same enjoyment that I have received from fiction. A way to pass along the good blessings, ones that more than once have saved my sanity in wild and woolly life on earth.

Miracle On I-40 is at 99¢ only on Kindle right now. Enjoy it…and if you cannot, please find a story that you can enjoy. Such is how we build ourselves.

Merry Christmas!


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