I Always Have Gotten Through

Shadow light of morning. Twilight, my favorite light. The pole lamp has gone out. Can see the pasture and all the way to the line of trees across it. There’s a hint of a mist on it. Cooler, but the 70* is a warm and humid one–still barefootin’–and not a leaf stirring high or low this morning. An abundance of birds enjoying flying through the trees in the clear air. Some just twitting, chirping, and one who actually sang before moving on. Every now and then I hear a pecan fall on the metal roof. I doubt we’ll have a harvest this year, though.

A new day. I have a number of hopes for today. Likely, just by odds, some of them will come true. It’s good to remember that. I have fears, too. One is my mother, who is getting weaker and been having these ‘spells’. I fear inabilities–can I deal with whatever I need to deal with for her? Can I make right choices for her?

But with the fears, we can fall back on the hope to weather the fearful happenings, and odds are that we will. I am reminded of something the writer Faith Baldwin wrote: “Why worry about how will you manage to get through it? You always have, haven’t you?”

We do get through. I have discovered that I am stronger than I knew, that all of us are. And that each day has so many blessings, just wonderful things that happen to me out of the blue. Yesterday I got phone calls from both a precious Oklahoma friend and my dear sister-in-law Carolyn Matlock-Hessling. And of course I enjoyed some fine tea grown on high mountains all the way around the world from me. Pretty cool, this life on earth at this time.

Guess I’m chatty this morning. I can’t wait to hear about your plans and day!