Garden Bloggers Bloom Day

I awoke this morning to lovely mist in the adjacent pasture, and a thin, turquoise sky threaded with fluffy clouds. We are warming. I say ‘at last’, and know those of you in the northern regions laugh. Along the Gulf Coast, Spring starts a month earlier than the calendar date–February 20– so says the Mobile Register gardening expert.

Last blooms. My dear old fashioned Christmas cactus, 33 years old, bloomed over two months this year!

Sweet Olive

Sweet Olive blossoms. I'm sorry they are fuzzy--the camera and I have limitations. We now have two Sweet Olive trees. They bloom in the fall, when it gets cold, and sporadically through the winter. Smell divine!

Magnolia Stellata bloom ready to pop. It will be white, feathery blossoms. I'm grateful to another GBBD participant who shared a photo last month and gave me the name for my bush.


Paperwhites at the base of a pecan tree. The paperwhites have been blooming since the new year. Not like last year when they came up at once in the spring. I adore the strong scent.

Enjoy visiting other bloggers taking part in Garden Bloggers Bloom Day, kindly hosted by Carol at May Dreams Gardens.

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