Clipped Wings

My dear husband made a lovely fenced corral for the girls.

Our aim was to give our hens an ‘outdoor living’ space for the daytime. They are still securely penned up at night.

 Of course you know what happened. One of the red girls– I call her Lucy, after the famous red-head–quickly flew over the fence. In short order, one of the Golden Girls learned that she enjoyed joining her. It really wasn’t a big deal; neither hen went far, but the point being when we do get a garden going, we want to be able to control the hens. So it was wing clipping time.

We learned to clip their wings from the following excellent YouTube video.  I was as nervous as I had been to give my horses shots, but just as we did then, dear husband held the chicken while I did the deed.

So far we’ve only had to do the wings of those two wild girls. Now we’re all a lot happier. At least I am. I’m enjoying plenty of room to linger and watch the girls in the golden dawn. I find it good for my soul.