Written on the Billboard

There’s this enormous billboard on the hill of a busy road over in west Mobile. It says: “God Supports You.”

Whenever I see it, I look around in other cars and wonder if other people are as glad to see the boosting thought as I am. I don’t think I can be the only one.

The reason we think it’s weird to imagine an unseen helping hand is that we still doubt that it’s okay for us to be creative. ~Julia Cameron, The Artist’s Way.

I think a vast majority of doubt the support of our God because we still doubt is it okay to be just who we are, dream our fantastic dreams and try our fantastic creative plans, no matter if it is to raise chickens, grow a garden, start a family, a garage, or internet business. Heaven knows the world wants to plant doubt, and it starts from the very first time as a little child and we say something we want or dream of doing, and we get laughed at. Then there is: “Shush, you’re being too loud.” “Don’t run in the store.” “You mean you read that?” “Why in the world did you do that?” The world is always haranguing that in some way we are lacking, telling us we need whiter teeth and slimmer young bodies and getting out there to join organizations and take part in events, wear certain ‘in’ clothing, make big money, do everything ‘their’ way or be ‘wrong’.

Here it is: God supports you just as you are. For one a minute, close your eyes and imagine the concept, however you imagine God. What might you do, if you knew that God of the Universe supported you all the way? What struggle might be easier, or activity a whole lot of fun? How might you change your thinking and support yourself? Do that.

Starting Monday out right:
Dear God, thank you for supporting me. Thank you for the faith, and for the assurance that you are helping, even when my faith falters. Today I choose to support myself. Amen. So it is.