Sidetracked by Ceylon Tea

I had promised myself that I would get here and post something every Monday. As author and teacher Jack Bickham so wisely taught: “Have a regular time and place to work, if you can.” I have the place, and I have even made the time–an hour early each morning before anyone else gets up. Unfortunately that bit of an hour requires me to make choices on writing projects. This past week, I got sidetracked by reading up about Ceylon tea.

I finally got a moment to post over at the English Tea Blog–Ceylon Tea and Honorable Women. It is a post that started out short and light about my current romance with Ceylon tea. I could not write without aid of cups of black tea. However, with this post, I learned I owe so much of my life to the women tea pickers of Sri Lanka. I hope you will take a look at the post. You will likely never find your cup or glass of black tea quite so ordinary again.