Book Recommendation: Becoming Future You, by Mel Jolly

I have enjoyed and benefited from Mel Jolly’s newsletter for several years, and I’m excited that she has written a book, I’ve read it, and I’m wholeheartedly recommending it.

Mel Jolly’s bio reads, in part: “Mel Jolly has been working with authors and creative entrepreneurs for nearly two decades.”

Mel is a life coach with the great gift of encouragement. Many times in the book, I thought that she was reading my mind, looking through the windows of my house to see my struggles. Her words made me think, and she is so down to earth and funny. Her book is like having her talking just to me over a cup of tea.

A few wisdoms from Becoming Future You:

“You can live a meaningful, joyful, purposeful life if you’ll stop thinking so much about what you should want and start thinking about what you actually want.”

“Meaning and purpose are things we crave as humans.”

“The best way to be of service to others is to embrace what makes you You.

“It’s not about achieving the dream, it’s about who you become while you’re pursuing the dream.”

Drawing on her own life experiences, Mel addresses the struggles of procrastination, self-sabotage, knowing your real self, and dropping living up to the expectations of others, issues common to all of us humans in varying degrees. She provides methods and strategies to deal with these struggles. The chapter and concept most helpful to me at this time is the one on Mission. I can see that even I, going into elder years and often distracted, do have a unique mission. A purpose. Mel helped me define my mission and distill it into a clear statement. When I fall into drifting through my day and start to scroll social media, I’m forming a habit to think of my life mission, put the phone down and get on with an activity that serves meaning and gives life to my day. Sometimes this is as simple as choosing to sit quietly with a cup of tea and be grateful.

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