Christmastime is Here! Book Giveaway

Like you did not know.

Back on November the first, a reminder popped up on my email for me to begin getting ready for Advent. All those weeks, and when the first day of Advent came yesterday, I had done, well, nothing. Doesn’t matter. I was ready in Spirit. And today turned out to be the perfect day to begin getting out decorations. Dear Husband put the Christmas flag out, while my dear granddaughter, Precious Grace, and I clapped. Later, I brought down my favorite centerpiece to spiff it up a bit–straighten the crunched ribbon, put in new, shiny artificial decorations, and a sparkly candle. When Precious Grace heard the excitement in my voice, she wanted to help, and then Dear Son was here and could get the candle set in place when we girls could not get the job done. I made a memory with son and granddaughter to press into my heart.

It is the time again for giving away a copy of my book Miracle On I-40. Simply leave a comment, and the winner will be chosen at random on Saturday, December 4th.

I have also decided to offer copies of Miracle On I-40 for sale. This decision came from the number of times I’ve been asked about my back list titles, and from seeing how many of my books are for sale on Amazon and eBay. These are brand new copies, fresh out of the storage boxes.  Click here or on the Back List for Sale tab above for more information.

I remember years ago when my editor called to ask if I would like to write a special Christmas story for them. I said, “Oh, yes! Christmas is my favorite time!” And the editor replied in a rather knowing tone, “I had a feeling it was.”