Being and Becoming

I think it could be a House Wren. Of course, it might be any of a million birds.

I think it could be a House Wren. Of course, it might be any of a million birds.

The air is still and heavy and warm, but alive with bird calls, sweet trills and caws from the woods. Earlier there were loud waves of cicadas singing. The sky to the west roils with angry clouds. It is fall coming on inch by constant inch.

The little bird came back last night. I looked for him and found him on the front porch inside eve, rather than the back. The little mite stays there despite the bright porch light and Little Dude and I stepping out half a dozen times to take pictures. I’m wondering if he chose the front rather than the back because I got this idea to spray the porch chair leg with a critter repellant, against the cat who is tearing it up by clawing. I immediately realized my mistake. Whew, the stink! It wafted everywhere. I can still smell it a bit. But the cats don’t seem much bothered.

Another day well started. I see that I benefit from sleeping in an hour. And from my idea to rededicate myself to my journaling as deliberate writing practice. I am choosing certain topics, and I wonder if one of those topics might be exploring the novel I’d like to write. The rest of my days seem to be taken up with caring for my mother, the household, and a small boy.

Maybe those can be topics, too. See where it all leads. I’ve always been reluctant to see where things lead. I want to KNOW. This is never going to happen. Life is not about grabbing all the knowing. Soon as you get one bit of knowing, well, it turns into something else, some different and new bit of knowing. As the great actress Myrna Loy said, “Life, is not a having and a getting, but a being and a becoming.”

Enjoy your day being and becoming.