Sweet Dreams at the Goodnight Motel

“Looking for Real Life.”

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The graffiti scrawled on the ladies room wall was an abrupt wake-up call. Claire Wilder had devoted herself to her ex-husband, and has spent the past years stuck in fantasy dreams of him returning and loving her once again, while the essence of her life slipped away. In a fit of tattered courage, Claire changes everything. She gets a new hairdo, quits her dismal job and leaves her fancy condo, and hits the road, looking for real life.

Her path takes her to the small, dusty town of Valentine, Oklahoma, where she checks in to the timeworn but charming Goodnight Motel. It is an unexpected place, with unexpected happenings, and where a brief one-night stay turns into weeks in which the fabric of her heart is rewoven and entwined with those of the quirky and lovable folks of Valentine. Claire begins to find herself with surprising new dreams, until an old and cherished dream shows up—Andrew, who has come to win her back!

Which real life will Claire choose?

“A wonderful cast and perfect setting.” —Booklist
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