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Praise for Curtiss Ann Matlock

   “This novel is about many  things, but at its heart is the story of a woman who must learn her own worth and how to find her happiness again when her life has drastically changed.   This was a moving experience for me.”
Ionia Martin of on Mary in Color

“…a Bradburyesque vision, with drugstore soda fountains, old-timey radio shows filling the airwaves, and a cast of characters who wouldn’t be out of place in Lake Wobegon. Matlock conjures a sweet spell accented by tart drama, as refreshing and delightful as lemony sweet tea.”
~Publishers Weekly, on Chin Up, Honey

                      “Readers should hold on to their hearts; losing them to these unforgettable characters is a real possibility.”
~Publishers Weekly, on Little Town, Great Big Life

       “…a fabulous read for all readers. Inspiring and up lifting it brings just a little bit of relief from this rat race world.”, on Little Town, Great Big Life

     “Above all, this is a beautiful love story about aging, changing, life and marital/family relationships and what it means to make a promise of forever. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a wonderful read–any time of the year.”
~ Ionia Martin, Readful Things Blog on Love in a Small Town

“These are two funny, human, scared folks who aren’t ready to give up on love, but have to fumble their way back toward it. Come along for the ride. It’s a wonderful trip.”
~Cathy Sova, The Romance Reader on Love in a Small Town

“With her realistic characters and absorbing dialogue, Matlock crafts a moving story about a woman’s road to self-discovery.”
~ Publishers Weekly, on Driving Lessons

“Once again, Matlock delivers a gentle, glowing tale that is as sweet and sunny as its small-town setting. Readers will be delighted by this deft mix of romance and inspirational, slice-of-life drama.”
~Publishers Weekly on At the Corner of Love and Heartache

“Matlock has a gift for telling what she calls ‘the secret lives of ordinary people.’”
~Detroit Free Press

   “You’ll love Claire…She finds a way of life and enough good folks to fill her heart’s empty spaces.       The book is a great read.”
~The Oklahoman, on Sweet Dreams at the Goodnight Motel

“Matlock has set previous novels in Valentine, but her focus is so different in each book that the town seems new each time. A wonderful cast and perfect setting make for a gentle and reassuring story.”
~Booklist, on Sweet Dreams at the Goodnight Motel

“Shopping is done, decorations are hung, the annual Christmas pageant is staged, all is well, and Matlock’s down-to-earth characters and comforting plot will please.”
~Booklist, on Recipes for Easy Living

Matlock writes about generous people striving to live and love well. She does it beautifully.
~ Contra Costa Times