Making It Through, and a recipe

Well, here it is just eleven days until Christmas–someone pointed that out to me today–and I realized that I have not done one bit of Christmas baking! I still need to wrap almost all of my presents for loved ones, and Christmas cards to address. These facts put me in a bit of a swivet, so this post is going to be short.

From Christmas Comes to Valentine:

There came the sound of a car honk in the street, and Willie Lee called from the front window: “Pa-pa Tate is ready with the car.”

Corrine called to Aunt Marilee. A moment later her aunt came flying out of the bathroom. She looked thrown together, but on Aunt Marilee that generally still looked striking. Her color was high, and she slung a burgundy wool wrap around her shoulders.
”Y’all get coats on. Where’s my purse?”

”We don’t need coats,” Corrine said and handed over the purse from where it sat on the sideboard.

Aunt Marilee, who was clearly about to argue the point on the coats, decided not to and went on through the door Corrine held open, seeming to suck the rest of them along by the force of her movement, down the stairwell and across the sidewalk to the curb, where they threw themselves into the waiting white Cherokee.

“Whew, we made it,” Aunt Marilee said when the doors were slammed.

Munro sat in the back seat between Corrine and Willie Lee, panting.

”Did you doubt you would?” Papa Tate asked, as he headed from the curb.

“Yes, Tate, very often I do,” replied Aunt Marilee, yanking down the visor and putting her lipstick on in the mirror there.

This passage made me laugh out loud, and also to remember a bit of wisdom I read a long time ago, which was: “Whenever you doubt making it through another Christmas season, remember that you always have.”

Christmas Comes to Valentine has recipes in it, and here is a favorite Southern one. It’s an easy one to make for a potluck party, and will help you get through.

Heavenly Ambrosia

  • 3 large oranges, preferably navel variety, peeled and sectioned
  • 3 bananas, firm
  • 1 can pineapple tidbits, or fresh equivalent
  • 1 red delicious apple, chopped in small pieces
  • 1 1/2 cups shredded coconut
  • Whipped cream

Mix the pineapple tidbits and chopped apple together to help keep the apple from turning brown. Alternate layers of fruit in a dish or individual cups, topping each layer with coconut. Top with whipped cream and mint leaves for garnish.

Another point I try to keep in mind is that as joyous as the season is, it is equally sad at times. I know three families who are especially devastated this year by the loss of loved ones. Memories and longings strike my heart often. That is life on earth. When tears come, I allow them to flow, and soon I will smile again.

Now I’m off to begin my baking, and dancing around the kitchen to the old Christmas tunes. Eleven days, people.

Grace and peace,