If Wishes Were Horses

If Wishes Were Horses

A remarkable woman, a hard-luck cowboy, and an unlikely race horse. No one thought they had a chance.

From USA TODAY bestselling author Curtiss Ann Matlock comes the story of a woman with spunk and resolve to rise above poverty. At the death of her cheating husband, Etta Rivers is not only left pregnant and alone, but facing that Roy’s betrayal extends to everything being repossessed: the fancy Cadillac, the big John Deere tractor, and, worst of all, the barn full of precious horses. The house and land are next, unless Etta can find a way to save them.

Help arrives in the unlikely form of well-worn, ex-rodeo star Johnny Bellah, who has come to collect on one of Roy’s many IOUs. At the outset Etta commandeers Johnny and his truck to take her where she needs to go. Afterward, she allows him to stay for meals and a room in the barn in exchange for doing chores, and breaking the single rangy colt left in the corral—Little Gus.

Johnny has ideas that promise hope for the future, but can Etta ever again trust a man with her heart or her life?

Welcome to Oklahoma of the 1950s—Elvis on kitchen radios, bootleg whiskey, and wild bush-track horse races—and to a story of the many faces of love and grace for two wounded hearts longing to make dreams come true.

If Wishes were horses was published originally in 1998. The book wasn’t considered a historical back then. It is now. It has been out of print for several years, and I’m excited for it to be reissued to old and new audiences.

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