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Love in a Small Town…

list2016_final_kindleBestselling women’s fiction author, Curtiss Ann Matlock, brings us the story of Molly and Tommy Lee Hayes, and the ups and downs of their enduring love. It is also the first glimpse at the beloved fictional town of Valentine, Oklahoma.

“Above all, this is a beautiful love story about aging, changing, life and marital/family relationships and what it means to make a promise of forever. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a wonderful read–any time of the year.” ~ Ionia Martin, Readful Things Blog

High-school sweethearts, Molly and Tommy Lee Hayes are considered the perfect couple. They married young, built a family, and are now about to celebrate their silver wedding anniversary at the VFW hall. However, beneath the perfection, dissatisfaction smolders. One morning Molly packs her things–including both her cat and her horse–and takes off for the sanctuary of Aunt Hestie’s cottage, the place reserved for all women of her family who leave their husbands. Tommy Lee is left bewildered and holding his own anger.

With her engaging style of affectionate humor and emotional drama, Curtiss Ann Matlock goes deep into the hidden desires and needs of a passionate woman and the man strong enough to love her. Proving that romance is never dead and that no marriage is an island is a cast of colorful supporting characters:

  •  Molly’s family of women—Mama, who goes frequently in public dressed in her robe, and the four other unique Collier sisters–as well as the spirits of Collier women long dead. When one is threatened, they come together as an invincible force.
  •  Sam Ketchum, who is Tommy Lee’s best friend, and who has always loved Molly.
  •  Savannah, eldest child, pregnant and excitable, and her recalcitrant husband; sons Boone and Colter, grown but still with childish expectations of their parents.
  • And the entire community of Valentine, Oklahoma, everyone having a view on Molly and Tommy Lee’s situation, and a great deal to say about it, too.

“This tender story of passionate love and family devotion is a splendid example of Ms. Matlock’s ability to look deep into the soul of individuals and celebrate their strengths and foibles. Wonderful!” ~ Romantic Times Magazine.




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Miracle On I-40, a Christmas romance Available in both paper and ebook at Amazon

Miracle on I-40, a Christmas Romance…

Lacey Brant is the ever-hopeful waitress at Gerald’s Truckstop Restaurant in Albuquerque, New Mexico, a spot that is clear across the country from her home and family in North Carolina. It has been eleven years since Lacey ran away from her angry father. Now she wants to go home again. A single mother struggling to raise her own children, she longs for her father’s forgiveness, her mother’s sweet embrace, and to share with her aging parents the two grandchildren they have never seen.

Cooper is every inch a modern-day Scrooge who wants no part of traveling across country with two children. But he has promised to help out a friend, so he loads Lacey and her brood into his eighteen-wheeler and carries them across the country with him on Interstate-40. As the miles roll under the big truck’s wheels, it turns out to be Lacey and her children who are bringing Cooper along with them, on a journey that takes them home to the heart.

In this revised edition of a Curtiss Ann Matlock classic, readers are treated once again to a cast of lovable characters in a magical romance as sweet and tender as a Christmas cookie. Open the pages and enjoy!

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31 thoughts on “The Books

  1. Will Annie In the Morning (I think that’s the name of the book) and the other books about Matts brothers and father be available in ebook anytime soon?


    • Thank you for your interest in the Breens, Michelle. I do not at this point own the copyright to that series, so as far as I know, there are no plans to put it into ebook soon. I do know on occasion used print copies are available at various online stores. I no longer have any copies.


  2. I just finished reading the last chance cafe the first book I have read by Curtiss Ann Matlock and I loved it. I hope to find more of her books to read but don’t know where to look. I am an avid reader and this book was just really great. What a great writer


  3. I have read several of your books but my favorite and the one I keep in my stash beside my bed is The Loves of Ruby Dee. I am just crazy for Ruby Dee and her love story with Will. And my second favorite is If Wishes Were Horses – I had a mentor friend who used to quote that phrase to me all the time when I was young. Thank you for giving me some of my life-long friends in the gift of your books.


    • Thank you, Miss Teresa, for letting me know The Loves of Ruby Dee gives you pleasure. My writer-self is as happy as a dog with two tails. I am currently immersed in editing the book for re-printing. No, I am not changing the story! I am shortening where I can, because the price of paper, and I want to see it in print again. I’m also bringing it up to my standards today. Look for it in another month in Kindle and tradepaper.


  4. I just finished Sweet Dreams at the Midnight Motel. It was my first Curtis Ann Matlock book. Now I have all your books on my wish list. I could relate well to this one as Claire is my same age… I graduated in 1974!


  5. Have enjoyed all of your books & reread my favorite ones. Noticed one of my favorites is missing from your list Heven in texas. Thank you for hours of pleasure reading. VF


  6. Dear Curtiss, I am so amazed at your treasure chest of gem! You words always shine brightly full of your ever selfless spirit. You are a blessing! Keep on sharing, and caring my sister! You have a great gift! You are a true blessing!


  7. As a book blogger I am ashamed to admit this, but I just made the connection with your name. HA! I feel dumb. You have written some of my very favorite books. 🙂 Thank you for being so inspiring and providing us all with such wonderful entertainment.


    • Oh, Ionia, thank you for the high praise! I greatly enjoy your reviews–you introduce me to books and authors I would not have found otherwise. So I count your praise as very precious indeed. Thank You for inspiring me!

      warmest regards, CurtissAnn


  8. Hi CurtissAnn,

    I enjoy your books so much. Cold Tea on a Hot Day was the first one I read and i was hooked. I am still trying to find copies of all the rest but the fun is in the hunt. I am from the old school and need to have the book (paper) in hand. Ebooks just don’t cut it for me. I look forward to more of your books and hope you will be able to write more. Here is a note of encouragement. We raised our granddaughter from the age of 2 and she will be 22 next month. A challenge? Yes, but welll worth it. Take care.


    • Kathie–

      Thanks for the note of encouragement in being a parenting grandparent. We are in a special sisterhood. You are so right–well worth it! I am in love again.

      I also find paper books much more to my liking than eBooks. Although I will read ebooks that I cannot get in paper, but mostly these are non-fiction or antique books. I do hope to be able to write more books. I have given that desire over to God and more or less patiently wait to see. I am working on a project, but time, time, time…

      Thank you for your kind message.

      Warm regards, CurtissAnn


      • Curtiss Ann-

        I wanted to tell you also that your sensitive treament of Willie Lee’s uniqueness really touched home. My son is learning disabled and the pain he went through growing up and even as an adult were at times overwhelming for all of us. You expressed that so well that anyone who reads the stories where Willie Lee is involved cannot help but be moved. I thank you for that.

        Maybe the parenting grandparent situation could work as a future story line. I read a lot and have not run across that concept yet eventhough there are a lot of us coping with it day to day. It’s probably to close to home just now but maybe someday…..



        • Thank you for your compliment of Willie Lee. I think there are parts of Willie Lee in each of us, places where we are injured or not quite up to the ‘world’s standard’. I had a gentleman say reading Willie Lee made him remember his difficult childhood.

          I would very much like to write a story about a parenting-grandmother. We’ll see!


    • Dear Miss Juanita,

      The only books I have out and coming out soon are in ebook format and are backlist books that have been out of print for sometime. I am working to get several of these books back into print format, but no date is set. I also have started a new book, but it is slow going, as my life at present is taken up with caring for my grandson and my mother.

      Thank you for writing. It is heartening to know you have enjoyed my stories.

      Warmly, CurtissAnn


  9. Hello from Minco, Oklahoma,,,,,My Dad and I have read every book that you have written…except the newest. Dad passed but I still read them. Love the writting,Mr Johnny Gorham did too. Thanks and keep it up—Tami Jones


  10. I have read all your books, and love them all. I know your life is busy, but can’t wait for another book!
    Thanks Ann Arugeti Harris


    • Hello, Lauri. Lost Highways was the first book of the ‘Valentine Series’. Directly following is Driving Lessons, the story of Rainey’s sister, Charlene. Rainey makes an appearance in Driving Lessons, and we get to see her firmly settled with Harry.

      Thanks for letting me know you enjoyed Lost Highways!



  11. Hi Curtiss Ann, I recently read the four books on the Breen men. I have had these books for years and have never read them. Is that amazing or what? I loved the books as much as the Valentine series. Is there ever a chance that you will do a sequel on the Breens? I am looking forward to your next book whatever it may be because I really like your writing and I wish you many, many years of publishing new books. Sincerely, Joyce Collins


    • Joyce– So kind of you to let me know that you enjoyed the Breen series! I just recently found all books in the series in my boxes of stock. I should read them myself. 🙂



  12. Hi…I just started reading “Sweet Dreams at the Goodnight Motel”, and should have checked your book list first! I have all your other books but, didn’t realize they were a series, sooo I’m gonna start over and read the first one in the Valentine series. I love your books…their funny, inspiring and just plain good. I love the characters and your settings…shoot, just everything and they have given me many hours of pleasurable reading. Thank you!



  13. Dear Curtiss,

    I just read your book Sweet Dreams at the Goodnight Hotel, and enjoyed it so much. On reading your blog, it appears you may suffer from celiac disease. I’m so sorry to hear this. It reminded me of some reading I’ve done lately on Vitamin D3 (the sunshine vitamin). You’re likely already aware of this, but apparently some new and emerging research suggests that a Vitamin D3 deficiency may be a causative factor in celiac disease and/or that celiac disease can interfere with absorption of Vitamin D3 by the small intestine. Vitamin D3 also apparently has many other health benefits, including as an anti-oxidant (preventing cancers), retention of bone density, etc. I won’t go on but just wanted to mention this for your consideration. Thanks again for your lovely book.


    • Yes, I have Celiac disease. Malnutrition of many nutrients is a result. I was very iron anemic, blood tests showed for a number of years. It was only in the past month that a doctor, really a general practitioner PA, tested me for Vitamin D deficiency. I did not think I would be lacking, as I have taken cod liver oil for years. But I was! All those specialists, all the times I sought help for chronic fatigue, and no doctor ever before even mentioned it. I, too, have been reading on Vitamin D, and am amazed that we need far more than has previously thought. Since taking higher supplements, I am feeling much stronger, not to mention beautiful nails. 🙂

      Thanks for bringing up the subject.



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